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Alcohol used in chocolate or ice cream

“Alcohol is used in the manufacturing of our ice cream and as a flavour carrier in other products.”

Alcohol is not something most people associate with chocolate bars or ice cream, but there are times when ethyl alcohol may be part of the vanilla flavours used. We first and foremost, always recommend checking the ingredients on the label for the most accurate information.

AERO, SMARTIES and TURTLES products do not contain any ethyl alcohol. However, the vanilla flavours used in our COFFEE CRISP and KITKAT products use ethyl alcohol as a carrier, but are removed during the making of the product. There is no alcohol in the finished product.

Alcohol is used during the making of our ice cream as an ingredient in the finished product or as a carrier in a flavour. Our products with “flavour” listed in the ingredient list, whether it is part of the ice cream base, coating or wafers, may contain alcohol used as a carrier. While the alcohol in our products does not exceed 1/10th or 1% of the finished product, if you have dietary restrictions, we recommend not consuming any ice cream product with the word “flavour” in the ingredient list.

For a sweet treat in the summer, or any time of the year, you can always rely on our DRUMSTICKS, as no alcohol is used in the production.

Last updated: April 4, 2019
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