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My Kit Kat bar is missing the wafer

“Once in a while our equipment experiences a momentary malfunction that results in a missing wafer.”

This is definitely not the break that you deserve. Our KITKATs are nothing without it’s light, crispy wafer and we’re sorry that you’ve experienced this. Our top priority continues to be the quality and safety of our products, and we have several processes in place to help prevent something like this from happening. 

Every once in a while, our manufacturing equipment will experience a momentary malfunction that results in some KITKATs to complete the production without their wafers. We have manual and digital inspections in place to ensure that these wafer-less KITKATs do not make it on to our consumers, but this can sometimes happen.

Although the chances of this is rare, when it happens we want to know about it. If you have the product information and a photo, we would not only like to send you a replacement voucher, we would also like to share this with our Quality team for improvements and awareness.

Last updated: July 15, 2020
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